Open Scenarios for Non-Trivial Pursuits: Proposals, Prescriptions & Possibilities

25/05/2016 | 14:00 - 18:00 | University of Applied Arts: Malerei  | €5  | Facebook event
Open Scenarios for Non-Trivial Pursuits
In 'Open Scenarios for Non-Trivial Pursuits', the publishing collective continent. assembles a program of experimental and experiential, erkenntnis-oriented encounters where people driven by a curiosity of friendship and scholarship support each other in their matters of concern – fully human, personally and professionally in open scenarios for non-trivial pursuits.

The first day of Open Scenarios for Non-Trivial Pursuits, ‘Proposals, Prescriptions & Possibilities’ features an opening statement ‘Provoking thought – On the way to thinking’ from Julia Hölz, Seth Weiner on ‘Prescriptions and Possibilities’, and Fabia Faltin on ‘Proposal Prosa’.

‘Provoking thought: On the way to thinking (Julia Hölzl) “How to free thinking from thought? Where to think, where to think thinking? A/s tedious lecture, this presentation aims to re-turn thought to thinking, to turn thought into thinking.” During her introductory monologue, Julia Hölzl is asking us where and in which forms or formats thinking can take place these days. She will then share her observations of the Open Scenarios for Non-Trivial Pursuits with us during the public conversation on Friday.

Prescription and Possibility (Seth Weiner) “Do you think you have the same kind of sex as your parents?”* Based on an open score, Seth Weiner proposes a seated scenario in which we explore the process of formulating prompts that through a dose of prescription, open up potentially unforeseen responses about ourselves, the world and what ties us and them together. (* Sharon Hayes, Ricerche: three, 2013)

Proposal Prosa (Fabian Faltin) Proposal writing means to declare a possible future. What is a proposal? A prediction, a forecast or a vision of one’s own life in the future, or just symbolic knowledge currency entering in a raffle of potential capital for agency? What if the person writing the proposal would suddenly enter a state of de-realisation, and fiction and reality blur into a poetic space beyond the limits of control and scope of the proposed project? In this workshop we explore the performative potential of text-based project proposals, residency requests and funding applications: can they take on a life of their own, that precludes, exhausts or transcends their original purpose?’

The program takes place at the old painting studio at the University of Applied Arts and has a limited capacity so please register on eventbrite.