Vibrance: Value

28/05/2016 | 22:00 - 24:00 | Coded Cultures Central  | Free
Gudinni Cortina
Vibrance brings together a selection of artists working with acoustic activity as primal material through the angle of cross-disciplinary practice. It acts as a catalyser of contemporary practices in the field of sound, open hardware and performativity, aiming to stage a scenario in which presence, simulation, chaos and fictional control operate as protagonists.

Vibrance: Value is the final night of the vibrational program of Coded Cultures: Openism and follows the Open Hardware Summit with performances from Gudinni Cortina and David Kontra.

Gudinni Cortina is a Mexican artist whose practice attempts to cross an uncertain space without succumbing to it. As an improviser he works directly with the sound matter through an extended mixer board, contact microphones, disused hard drives, and a pocket trumpet. Combining those elements to generate sound that depends largely on chance and on the construction in the moment, from accidents and certain acoustic phenomena like feedback.

His aesthetic approach looks for that vulnerable moment in which nothing is determined beforehand, becoming fragile in order to respond to the confitions that music creates. This sonic wager plays with the dimensions where sound occurs: taking a tiny dound destiny in otder to dilute it through the details.

David Kontra is the xo-founder of BINARIA, a platform founded in Mexico City in 1993 which prompted several local projects of experimental music, industrial, noise, performance and video. Precursor in the field of digital art, animation, net label , web radio. Where he has made, festivals, physical production of KCTS and records for over 20 years. His practice has sought to promote the art of rupture; the ideological shift that begins to occur in our society, directing it to an intelligent rebellion based on the invisible self-censorship which imposes the average citizen to passively swallow the garbage that abounds on television and traditional media. A mental anorexia direct provocation that automatic and fainthearted social mass will not ask, do not understand, do not look.