Vibrance: Topology

26/05/2016 | 20:00 - 22:00 | Coded Cultures Central  | Free
Angélica Castelló
Vibrance brings together a selection of artists working with acoustic activity as primal material through the angle of cross-disciplinary practice. It acts as a catalyser of contemporary practices in the field of sound, open hardware and performativity, aiming to stage a scenario in which presence, simulation, chaos and fictional control operate as protagonists.

Vibrance: Topology features performances from Angélica Castelló, Robert Piotrowicz and Paul Gründorfer.

Angélica Castelló is a sound artist and composer whose work concentrates on fragility, dreamworld and the subconscious. She performs continuously solo or in cooperations everywhere between Mexico City and Vienna. She creates numerous compositions for ensembles, radio works and installations that operate at the interface of music, performance and visual arts. Even though she remains devoted to old music, new and electroacoustic music take center stage in her work. She co-founded the ensembles Low Frequency Orchestra, frufru (with Maja Osojnik), cilantro (with Billy Roisz), subshrubs (with Katharina Klement, Tamara Wilhelm and Maja Osojnik) and Chesterfield (with Burkhard Stangl) Plenum, Zimt (with Gunter Schneider, Barbara Romen and Burkhard Stangl).

Robert Piotrowicz is a sound artist, composer and imporvisor who has authored radio dramas, sound installations, and music for theatre productions, and collaborates regularly with other artists on audio-visual performances. As an instrumentalist, Piotrowicz works mainly with his own live performance setup, developed around the electric guitar and analogue modular synthesiser. His music has as much in common with contemporary electro-acoustic compositions as it does with sound art. His concerts feature saturated, detailed musical forms created with analogue synthesizers and computers. He has developed his trademark sound of intense dynamics seized in dramatic and balanced structures.

Paul Gründorfer is a sound performer and sonic explorer, working in the areas of experimental electronic music, sonic sculptures and site specific interventions. He is developing real time audio systems, that act autonomous or in reference to the spatial constellation. While considering the encounters between analog and digital, structured or improvised elements, he is focusing on the abstract occurrence of sound and its physical impact. In his work electronic circuits are interconnected to cause semi-natural entities, autonomous organisms, half-animals. The electronic machine functions as the mimesis of an organic world, voice and articulation is generated through loops in feedback networks. Continuous ecosystems, Archaic animal-noise-transmission, onomatopoeia. Contrary to the simulation of sound by the means of deterministic composition concepts, the spectrum of sound is found in the present. Listen to the chants and occasional bursts of noise of the world of animals and beyond!