Vibrance: Electric Indigo

25/05/2016 | 20:00 - 22:00 | Coded Cultures Central  | Free
Electric Indigo
Vibrance brings together a selection of artists working with acoustic activity as primal material through the angle of cross-disciplinary practice. It acts as a catalyser of contemporary practices in the field of sound, open hardware and performativity, aiming to stage a scenario in which presence, simulation, chaos and fictional control operate as protagonists.

Electric Indigo performs an adapted version of 109.47 degrees for Coded Cultures. 109.47 degrees can be described as a transformation of traditional instruments played in a non-traditional way into a haunting soundtrack of a fictional alien movie. Extended parts of the original work are combined with ad-lib, polyrhythmic drum and percussion patterns. It features baroque organ played with only partly drawn registers and the strings, metal and wooden frames inside of a grand piano were used to record its basic raw material. By means of granular re-synthesis, Electric Indigo creates an electro-acoustic piece of intriguing, uncanny beauty. The organ was played by Electric Indigo and recorded by Robert Henke at the Igreja da Misericordia in Viseu, Portugal. The grand piano was played and recorded by Angelina Yershova in Rome, both recordings are from 2014. The piece took inspiration from Peter Sloterdijk’s foam metaphor and the ideal tetrahedal angle in foams as described in Plateau’s laws. Hence, the title is a reference to the angle between bubbles in the most stable manifestations of foams.

Electric Indigo. 2014/2015. 109.47 degrees.

Susanne Kirchmayr aka Electric Indigo is an Austrian artist that works as a musician, composer and DJ. She started her career 1989 in Vienna, lived in Berlin from 1993 to 1996, founded the database and network for women in electronic music and digital arts «female:pressure» in 1998 and has been the recipient of several awards in Austria and Germany.