Vibrance: Cluster

22/05/2016 | 20:00 - 22:00 | Coded Cultures Central  | Free  | Facebook event
Vibrance brings together a selection of artists working with acoustic activity as primal material through the angle of cross-disciplinary practice. It acts as a catalyser of contemporary practices in the field of sound, open hardware and performativity, aiming to stage a scenario in which presence, simulation, chaos and fictional control operate as protagonists.

Vibrance: Cluster features performances from BCK, Marta Zapparoli and the Klaus Filip and Radu Malfatti Duo.

BCK is an improvised musical performance by RYBN.ORG and Nicolas Montgermont. It is, on one side, CCRT monitors transformed into analog synths, and, on the other side, distorted sinuses that interweave together into powerfull frequencies. From this encounter between electrical modulation and digital synthesis, BCK searches to develop a sonic space, whose structure emerges and gradualy stabilizes, according to the interferences and interactions of waves that clash, add up and neutralize mutually.

RYBN.ORG is an extra-disciplinary artistic research platform, founded in 2000 as a web entity, disseminated into several servers all over the internet. RYBN.ORG operates through interactive & networked installations, digital/analog visual cross-performances and pervasive computing. Nicolas Montgermont explores the physicality of waves in different forms. He is interested in the reality of waves in space, the way they move and change, the links between a source and our perception, by designing setups that create a sensitive exploration of their poetic essence.

The Klaus Filip and Radu Malfatti Duo

The music of The Klaus Filip and Radu Malfatti Duo refers to the nothingness, voidness, openness. It attempts to create unknown structures with known sounds. It is calm floating, unexcited, avoiding the old competition of the ‘higher, louder, faster’. The sounds of the laptop and the trombone are usually pure blend-sounds, intervoven within each other and therefore create a netting of soundmaterial, which wants to treat the refined fields with distinction. Fields, which want to keep all our senses free. Free from all the irritating burdens determined through our cultural surroundings.

Klaus Filip has been involved in the experimental music world since the early nineties as a performer/composer/programmer. Radu Malfatti is an Austrian trombone player and composer that has been a major presence in the European free improv scene since the early seventies.

Marta Zapparoli has been working for the last thirteen years with field recordings, Marta Zapparoli finds sounds by breaking and interrupting the usual/predictable moving trajectories within and between spaces, as well as through different methods of spatial and temporal definition/reduction of the recording area. She is interested in sound sources as varied as giant and very small objects, machines, nature and its cataclysms, the urban environment, unexplored spaces, nullified and abandoned places, unpredictable movements, (defect) technologies, natural radio , wide band or wireless communication, but also some more unconventional environments like fluids, longitudinal and surface waves, ground vibrations and dynamics, conductive surfaces, rocks.