AXIOM Open Cinema Lab

19/05/2016 - 27/05/2016 | 11:00 - 17:00 | Coded Cultures Central  | Free
The AXIOM Open Cinema Lab is featuring the AXIOM Beta, the first professional open hardware cinema camera, and offers workshops and discussions in the context of open source cinema. Drop by and see for yourself how professional cinema production can be achieved by using open source technology and open strategies. Also, you can participate at one (or more) of the workshops focusing on film and video production, happening throughout the festival and experience first hand how images can be produced without relying on proprietary hard- or software.

The goal of the award winning apertus° AXIOM project is to create free and open technology for today’s professional cinema and film production landscape and make all the generated knowledge freely available. It all started with creating an open modular camera system consisting of several hardware and software parts using Elphel hardware. Now with the efforts to build the very first open digital cinema camera AXIOM from scratch the apertus° project has evolved to the next level: into a platform for film-makers, creative industry professionals, artists and enthusiasts. apertus° is more than just a software/hardware collection, it’s a knowledge library, an ecosystem of people supporting each other and advocating freedom.

With the AXIOM Beta apertus° created a brand new professional digital image capturing platform. It was financed by a very successful crowdfunding campaign – the goal was succeeded by 100% and has now reached the stage of early developer production. At the AXIOM Open Cinema Lab you can try out the camera yourself and meet the community behind the project. Join the hands-on AXIOM workshop and tinker with the software of AXIOM Beta, experiencing what the open source software of this platform can do. Also part of the lab setup is a 3D printer on which you can print your own enclosure parts.

Hands-on AXIOM

Another element of the lab is an interview setup. Throughout the festival interviews with participants will be shot demonstrating how the AXIOM Beta and its 4K Super 35 image sensor produces images.

On Tuesday, 24th between 20:00-22:00 our colleague Simon will hold a workshop on our heavily blender-based R&D effort codenamed «Project Elmyra». This project aims to demonstrate that the visualisation processes can be made more efficient, reusable and sustainable - without having to resort to heavy specialisation or rocket science, but through reflection on the way we spend our everyday workhours, and an interdisciplinary design methodology to turn things around! A web-based «rapid iterative» visualisation system, sporting a fully automated pipeline with turntable animations, cross-section renderings, versioned and self-improving render output, different aesthetics, multiple export formats and more to come! Check it out.


Last but everything but least our specialists from Belgium will hold a workshop on how to produce analogue film, living the DIY spirit contextualising what open cinema can be. Drop by and see for yourself.