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Artistic Bokeh Research
Artistic Bokeh Research
The format of “documentation” is an essential part when reflecting, presenting and structuring knowledge. It is seen as experimental component: footage of the video-documentation of 5uper.net and Coded Cultures (previous and current events) is processed with experimental and aesthetic parameters and presented in a long-term site-specific installation at the MuseumsQuartier Vienna. In cooperation with expert-networks with backgrounds of DSLR-Video and DIY-Cameras, the project includes a self-reflexive component, which addresses the medium “documentation” as such. The main aim is to research on aesthetic/qualitative parameters of experimental documentation, apart from working on and finding new terms for what was previously known as “new media arts”.

While a description of New Media Arts, interpreted as “self understanding of connecting arts reflexively with actual developments of technology and society” (Rakuschan, 2004) is still valid, the actual term is not adequate anymore. In the age of “loss of control”, (“Kontrollverlust” - Seemann, 2011) a change of reception/perception of audiences can be observed. Through multiple and diverse channels of consumption and participation, the creation of attention and user-engagement is crucial to new media arts. In this sense, previous descriptions of the term have to be extended regarding “attention economies” and in this context must be examined regarding their interaction with phenomenas such as “real time media” and “real time participation”. Artistic research can be faster than scientific research and can react more easily to current social and technological developments. Still, new artistic practices are often misunderstood and it is tried to move “artistic innovations” to the advertising industry or other “creative common places” such as “R&D labs”. While media art-works often show high technological potential, it is often criticised, when being the only characteristic. New Media Arts should produce “artistic technologies” and not “economic technologies” to force a much more strict distinction with creative industries. This distinction would render the profile of a critical new media practice much more clear and it would be easier to generate awareness and respect for that field, since non-popular art work does not necessarily mean “market failure”. Media Artworks are cultural products (and processes) that force the “production and circulation of symbolic ideas” (Galloway, S. and Dunlop, S., 2006) and therefore don’t need a market as such.

Richard Florida is right when stating “human creativity is the ultimate economic resource" (Florida, 2002) but there is a different meaning for the terms “innovation” and “creativity” when contextualized with the system art or with the system economy. In times, where “creativity” becomes a replacement for the term “art” (Raunig, 2007) we have to rethink what we call »new media arts«, remembering that culture should not only be valued for its economic contribution.
Matthias Tarasiewicz
Matthias Tarasiewicz (aka parasew) works with new media art since the last millenium (when they were actually new). He has been one of the founders of 5uper.net and co-initiator of the initiative Coded Cultures in 2004. He can be described as curator, project developer, technology theorist and digital bricoleur. Deeply involved in coding and decoding (both literally and theoretically) he researches in the fields of artistic technologies, experimental documentation and currently works on his PHD on the University of Applied Arts.
Max Gurresch
Max Gurresch (aka getzi) is a short film director since 2009, works part-time as cameraman and editor for local news-agencies and received extensive training in the art and science of digital compositing on videos. Max is currently working on his Masters Degree in Media Information Technology at the Technical University Vienna. Working with the group 5uper.net since 2011, Max has implemented his skills in the documentation of Coded Cultures 2011 and upcoming productions.
Electric Avenue - MuseumsQuartier Wien: quartier21
MuseumsQuartier is one of the world's largest complexes for modern art and culture. The 400-meter-long Baroque front wing of the MQ has been converted to a passage. There, Coded Cultures presents among exhibitions from Artists-In-Residence the so called "european media arts cluster". On 23th of September openings and presentations will take place, in cooperation with the University of Applied Arts, eSeL.at, among others.
Today 30.9.2011: 19h
Urania Wien
Coded Cultures 2011: City as Interface Presseaussendung #2
Teaser 2009 - Japan
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Book Coded Cultures - New Creative Practices Out of Diversity Springer Wien/NY
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