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INCUBATE! / Urania / 28.09.2011, 19:00 - 23:00
INCUBATE! / Urania / 28.09.2011, 19:00 - 23:00
Industrial Sites as Urban Society Laboratories
Hosted by dérive - Society for Urban Research

The economic transformation in the western world from an industrial to a service society did not only clear away lots of businesses from the cities or transfer jobs to regions with lower wages and marginal environmental laws. It also deeply changed the image of cities. Large parts of the industrials areas, ports or railway sites lost their functions and orphaned. During the last years many of them disappeared and became residential areas, business parks and the like. But there are still numerous sites that await a new function. The need for cheap, extraordinary space for people nowadays called „creative class“ and the rising importance of the „creative industries“ increased the attention for those old industrial sites.

In many cities artists and urban activists occupied those places transforming them into art spaces, studios, venues, research labs, offices, living spaces and workshops creating a surplus for the urban society: These sites function as laboratories for new ideas, support unusual cooperations and solutions and operate as urban interfaces in a multifaceted manner by connecting experimental and established social, cultural, technical and economic approaches and practices.

One example for cooperative development is the former shipyard NDSM in Amsterdam. The NDSM-Project has been initiated by Eva de Klerk in 1999 and developed into the largest center for alternative culture in the Netherlands since. NDSM-Founder Eva de Klerk will present the successful bottom-up-strategy in a keynote speech and will also join the following discussion on the necessity and possibility of an independent cultural site in Vienna.

Eva de Klerk, NDSM-Founder, Project Booster, Concept Developer, Amsterdam http://www.ndsm.nl/
Lorenz Potocnik (Wien/Linz), Architect and Urban Activist, Team "umbauwerkstatt" - Tabakfabrik Linz
Willi Hejda (Wien), Member of the Board IG Kultur Wien; Initiator of Platz da!?
Brigitte Jilka, Executive City Councillor for Urban Planning, Vienna
Thomas J. Jelinek, Artist, Director/Producer, Interventions and Sculpturing of Urban Space, Vienna

Moderation: Elke Rauth, dérive, Vienna

Discussion in German language

Talk location:
Urania Eingang Turmstiege, Uraniastrasse 1, 1010 Wien

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Eva de Klerk

Eva de Klerk is a project booster, concept developer, network amplifier, fundraiser and the key motivator behind new creative and urban developments in Amsterdam. She initiated the largest artistic breeding ground in the Netherlands, the NDSM Shipyard project. Her focus is Open Source Creative City Development. She provides lectures and workshops on bottom-up methodology and co-operative development in the creative spheres.

dérive - Society for Urban Research
dérive – Society for Urban Research is an multimedial, interdisciplinary and independent network of artists, researchers and writers focusing on urban research. dérive juxtaposes sociology, architecture, art, politics, geography, urban planning, philosophy and economy - always dealing with their impact on urban society. Based in vienna dérive publishes an international quarterly magazine, produces a monthly radio show and organizes the annual festival URBANIZE! International Festival for Urban Explorations.
Today 30.9.2011: 19h
Urania Wien
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