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The format “walks. discoursive city walks with experts in science, arts and everyday life” explores the venues and locations of the festival, as well as its surroundings with “ walking as a method”. The festival offers the chance to investigate, how artistic interventions change the public space or / and the perception of urban space.

Walking as a Method: “Walking around is fundamental to the everyday practice of social life”and “to much anthropological fieldwork”, was noted by Jo Lee and Tim Ingold. With this, they emphasize the usage of walking as a method in everyday life, as well as in field studies. Walking is a form of coming closer to a place, to explore and to appropriate it.

An integral part of walking is a reference to the body, which forms itself while sensing the surrounding - one could even argue, that space gets apprehended and appreciated only through physical movement. Understanding does not only work on a cognitive, linguistic layer, but also with sensual and aesthetic parameters. If walking is understood as an “instrument of insight”, it can be used as a method for research - to generate results, that are not detached from the physical experience.

Experts in science, arts and everyday life: Walks, as well as city tours are shaped and characterized by whom you perform them with. Five “walks” are planned with experts in diverse fields, that all not only share their specific knowledge, but also their relation to the city of Vienna with the participants. Elke Krasny, a cultural theorist will thematize politics of memory / rememberance between architecture, arts and feminism; Michael Hofstätter (PAUHOF Architects) will focus on the presence and absence of urbanism. Katharina Miko, a sociologist, will reflect on ethnographic urban research on the example of “Schwedenplatz” and “Praterstern”. Performance-artist Barbara Kraus will perform an expedition with bicycles instead of walking by foot, and Michal Wlodkowski, one of the curators of CODED CULTURES 2011, will organize an excursion to urban gardens in open and public (unused) space.

Developing new viewpoints on the city, together: “walks. discoursive city walks with experts in science, arts and everyday life”represents a request to combine the diverse knowledge of different fields of expertise and to develop entirely new viewpoints and approaches through walking, exploring and investigating.
Scientific disciplines, such as sociology, architecture, urban research, art theory, cultural studies and cultural history are represented, as are contemporary arts in its representations: sculpture, performance, interventions, media arts, etc. The aim is not to contrast the artistic and scientific disciplines, but to develop an exemplary new format, that is fed by theory and practice of everyday life.

Concept und moderation: Luise Reitstätter
Walk 1 / Badeschiff Festland Bar / 22.09, 17:00 punctual!
- Problems of presence and absence of urbanism beyond “Donaukanal” (22-09-2011, 17:00 @ Festland Bar) -
The city walk with Michael Hofstätter leads the participants from the area around “UNO-City” to “Nordbahnhof” and “Donaukanal”. In addition to the presentation of the PAUHOF project “Wien Nord” (1991), the group will discuss the urban potential of the sites visited. Recommended for everybody who is longing for visions in urban planning. Thank you for your participation!
Walk 2 / Badeschiff Festland Bar / Cancelled
- Politics of memory between architecture, arts and feminism

ATTENTION: Unfortunately this walk is cancelled.

Please choose another walk or join Luise Reitstätter on her tour to the Off-Spaces Glockengasse No9, MAGAZIN and Lust Gallery.
(24-09-2011, 17:00 @ Festland Bar)

Walk 3 / Badeschiff Festland Bar / 25.09, 17:00 punctual!
- An expedition with the bicycle (25-09-2011, 17:00 @ Festland Bar) -
JohnPlayerSpezial will undertake an art expedition by bike and demonstrate his quick-wittedness as a mediator between challenging art and the audience. Recommended for everybody who always wanted to really understand media art. PS: Please bring your own bike! Thank you for your participation!
Walk 4 / Badeschiff Festland Bar / 30.09, 17:00 punctual!
- Ethnographic urban research on the example of “Schwedenplatz” and “Praterstern (30-09-2011, 17:00 @ Festland Bar)-In her walk, Katharina Miko will give a crash course in ethnographic research and using the examply of “Schwedenplatz” and “Praterstern” will point out what places reveal about the daily rituals of city users.
Recommended for everybody who always wanted to know what’s behind the magic word „ethnography“. Thank you for your participation!
Walk 5 / Badeschiff Festland Bar / 01.10, 17:00 punctual!
- City Farmers (01-10-2011, 17:00 @ Festland Bar) -
Michal Wlodkowski will go on an excursion to urban gardens in open and (unused) public space. With the support of guest experts he will explore the question how garden concepts can be connected with media art. Recommended for everybody who can’t get enough green in the city. No more places available!
Today 30.9.2011: 19h
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