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City as Interface

In Autumn 2011 the Festival CODED CULTURES will take place for the 4th time, this year focusing on the topic City as Interface. Ever since the establishment of the Festival back in 2004, CODED CULTURES has placed emphasis on creative practices of cultural development at the intersection of art, technology, science and design. It is our concern to decode developments, concepts and projects in those “coded” structures of digital and (new) media production, which are not easily accessible to broader audiences. Over the years the alignment of CODED CULTURES and its variations were orientated internationally with a focus on eastern Europe in 2004, Brasil in the following years and Japan / Austria in 2009. This year, CODED CULTURES involves mainly participants from Europe with prominent attendees such as transmediale from Berlin, Media Lab Prado from Madrid, Amber Festival from Istanbul and the Enter Festival from Prague. Throughout the years our effort to feature local, Viennese artists and developments in the same manner has never decreased, so in 2011 our aim is to open up the festival to involve as much of the local structures as possible, as we are well aware of the fact that we owe our chance to hold this year’s CODED CULTURES to the attempts of the self organized funding System NetzNetz.

CODED CULTURES was initiated by the group 5uper.net: a network of producers, theorists, artists, designers, architects and programmers, active in the extensive field of knowledge work based on digital media related forms of art and culture.

We thank all the participants, the members of the team and everyone who supported this project!

Coded Cultures – City as interface
Michal Wlodkowski
Georg Russegger
Matthias Tarasiewicz


Over the years the focus of the festival CODED CULTURES has increasingly been based on new generations of media- and knowledge-cultures, artistic processes and their creative practice of cultural development at the intersection of art, technology, science and design. In 2011 the main interest will concentrate on the sub-topic City as Interface. The city is understood as an experimental area and intervention space, as an alternative ground where numerous interaction scenarios of inhabitants collide. Artistic communities, curators, and researchers are increasingly working on public space, using territories outside the secure art realms. Digital media related arts emphasize the intersection of real and virtual spaces, urban new media technologies change our sense of orientation, participation, security and abstraction.

The city of Vienna, being one of the main supporters of this year’s festival, stands for a challenging terrain to question the historical and grown structures of a city in combination with new tendencies of media-technological infrastructures and temporary usage of this urban habitat. One of the basic assignments of CODED CULTURES is to invite local communities, international artists and organizations to collaborate within the festival. Under the circumstances of a disclocated festival structure, which we decided to curate this time, classical structures of presentation like exhibitions, showcases and symposia will be transformed in time- and location-based sets of interactivity. Our focus lies on the elaboration of new artistic models of alternative self-organization within grass-root projects and new practices based on the city as playground. Media Architecture and Urban Screens have changed our cities and expanded the complex structures of grown city areas. Human-City-Interaction (HCI) is based on the questions how humans interact in the city, but also raises questions of how artistic strategies circumvent limitations in urban space and open up methods of rethinking the concept of urban space. We will present artists and projects, which are creating interventions by using these infrastructures in unpredicted ways, alternative organization structures and activism, including the rethinking of the front and back end of the City as Interface.

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Coded Cultures 2011: City as Interface Presseaussendung #2
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